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Landscape NS Committees

Landscape NS has a variety of committees that the membership is welcomed to serve on. Landscape NS is always seeking the membership to participate with committee's activities. Many associaitons rely on their volunteers to make their organizations a success. There's lots of work that needs to be done and LNS needs your help and ideas.

Some committees to consider:

Executive Committee - Peter Bugden, Chair
Is made up of the current President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Executive Director are responsible for decisions around the association's operations. The Executive Director is responsible for the the daily operations of the association.

Finance Committee - Mike Fralick, Chair

The finance committee is primarily responsible for encouraging, enabling, and tracking the long-term financial sustainability of Landscape NS. This committee is usually made up of the Executive Committee and Executive Director.

Membership and Marketing - John Schmidt, Chair

LNS is searching for new ways to promote our membership to the general public and to increase our existing membership. If you think you would enjoy marketing and promoting the association and the members, this may be the right committee for you.  Marketing and membership is a committee that is ongoing throughout the year. So you will need to be able to commit approximately 5 hours a month on this committee.

Garden & Patio Show Committee - Peter Bugden, Acting Chair
Got some ideas to improve the show? Do you enjoy watching an empty room transform in a large event seen by thousands of people each year? Do you mind helping with booth sales? This committee doesn't have a lot of activities through the late spring, summer and fall months. But Jan, Feb and March are when this committee does most of it's work. Great for landscapers when the business has slowed down.  The time commitment is usually a 5-6 meetings a year and of course the actual event itself.

Awards of Excellence - Mike Fralick, Chair
This event is becoming increasingly popular amongst the membership and we can use all the help we can get to pull off this exciting night. The committee needs help with getting entries, getting sponsorships, regularly reviewing the judging criteria and of course the Awards Gala event! This committee will require 2 -3 hours a month of your time, however as we get closer to the event itself, the committee is required to meet more often.

Education - Education Chair (vacant) / Carol MacCulloch,  NS Apprenticeship Chair
Landscape NS is always looking for new ways to increase the professionalism our membership. Is there something you think would benefit the industry's through education? This may be the committee for you. Apprenticeship is becoming a big focus for LNS and will need to keep the momentum going to follow this initiative through. Late fall, winter and early spring are the busy times for LNS to work on Education issues. We will need you to commit between 4-5 hours a month during pique time on these exciting initiatives. You could help change the future of an industry!

HortEast Committee - Peter Bugden, Chair
A need brought together both the Atlantic Provinces and the various aspects of the green industry and Hort East was created at this time to take advantage of whatever funding still remained. Is made up of representatives from the four Atlantic Provinces to organize and promote the industry's largest annual trade show. The objective was to become a self sufficient organization, able to survive without outside funding. That goal has been achieved!

Certification / ARCC Committee - Paul MacPhee, Committee 
Main focus is to organize regional exams and to promote the Certification Program.

Atlantic Centre of Landscape Excellence - Christene LeVatte, Chair
To  oversee the progress of the ACLE Building.

Environment Committee - Carol Goodwin, Chair

This committee focuses on environmental issues that arise within the industry.

Government Liaison Committee - Peter Bugden, Chair

Meets with all level of  Government when issues that affect the industry occur.

Standards Committee - Stan Kochanoff, Chiar

Meets to review specifications for the industry.

Retail Garden Centre - Robin Godfrey

Social Events Committee - Peter Bugden & Paul MacPhee

Annual Golf and Softball Tournaments and any other required event.

Other Committees - NS Federation of Agriculture, Atlantic Association of Landscape Designers, Ethics Committee,

Interested serving on one of our committees or becoming a board member? Contact the LNS office for more details.