The Voice of Nova Scotia's Landscape & Horticultural Industry

When hiring a trades person such a landscaper consider a Journeyperson in the trade.A Journeyperson is someone who has spent thousands of hours in the trade and passed the trade examination and has received a Certificate of Qualification from the NS Provincial Government.

Landscape horticulturists survey and assess landscape, draw sketches and interpret plans. They construct and maintain gardens, parks, golf courses and other landscape environments. In addition, they advise clients on issues related to horticulture and landscape construction. Landscape horticulturists also propagate, cultivate and study plants, and treat injured and diseased trees and plants.

Below is a list of Journeyperson / Members of Landscape NS.

Byron Allum, Elmsdale Landscaping

Tim Amos, NSCC

Troy Benedict, Elmsdale Landscaping

Johannes (Joe) Bidermann, Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design
Russell Beakhouse,  Groundcover Landscaping Services

George Coupar, Elmsdale Landscaping

Kari Hjelkrem, Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping

Stanley Kochanoff, Maritime Landscape Services

Bonnie Levy, NSCC

Darren Loner, Down to Earth Gardening & Landscaping

Kyle MacDonald, Joe Bidermann Landscaping Design
Paul MacPhee, MacPhee's Landscaping Services
Gary Mesics, Sydney Landscape & Nurseries Ltd.

Vernon Mingo, Edmonds Landscaping

Stewart Morrison, Highland Landscapes for Lifestyles

Jeff Morton, Dalhousie University

Chris Poole, Halifax Regional Municipality

David Stenhouse, Highland Landscapes for Lifestyles