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What is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager? 

The Landscape Industry Certified Manager program is designed for owners and managers of horticulture companies and focuses on core business skills required to run a successful operation. Candidates earn their designation by successfully completing a series of seven written evaluations. 

The Manager program has an exclusive set of training materials that were developed as method for self study or for seminar instruction in preparation for the Manager exam. Each manual corresponds to a section of the exam and can be purchased separately or for savings as a set. 

To achieve the Landscape Industry Certified Manager designation, candidates must pass seven exams on these topic areas:

  • Corporate Financial Management

  • Marketing and Sales Management

  • Technical - Exterior Landscaping or Interior Landscaping

  • Leadership and Corporate Citizenship

  • Risk/Law/Contract/Government

  • Innovation, Strategic, Business Succession Planning

  • Human Resource Management

You may choose between exterior landscape contracting and interior landscaping tracks.

Complete all 7 sections of the Manager exam, with a minimum of 70% in each section.
Meet the experience/education recommended (listed below)

  • Degree + 3 years industry experience; or

  • Diploma + 4 years industry experience; or

  • 5 years industry experience​​

For more information contact Laura Brinton, Certification Coordintor

Toll Free: 1 888 446-3499 ext 8620 or