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Update: You have been waiting patiently for the new Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist exam.  It will soon be arriving at a test site near you!  The revised exam was based on an occupational analysis to ensure candidates are being tested on the tasks that are most important to their jobs.  The test remains a combination of written and practical components.  Many stations remain the same, such as Plant ID and Pruning.  There are new and revised stations as well, including Plant Health, Signage, and Customer Service.  All together the practical exam will remain a full day of testing and candidates will need to earn a 70% or higher on each station.

Stay tuned for test dates!

About Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist
The Landscape Industry Certified Technician program is designed for employees in the horticulture industry who are involved in the technical application of skill and knowledge.

How do I become a Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist?... click for details
In order to take the Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist exam, candidates must successfully complete a series of written and hands on evaluations.

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Register here for Landscape Industry Certified Test Dates & Locations. Technician, Manager, Designer, and Retail Horticulturist exams offered.

Landscape Industry Certified Study Manuals... click for more detail
Self Study Manuals are available for Technician, Retail Horticulturist, Manager and Designer designations.

Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist Exam Details... click for details
The certification of an individual's competency is accomplished through a series of written and hands on evaluations

Why Should You Hire A Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist?

The Landscape Industry Retail Horticulturist program is an internationally recognized, industry-developed program that sets and maintains standards for the landscape & retail garden centre industry.

By becoming a Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist, each individual has undergone a combined written and practical examination that tests knowledge, technical skills and safety practices.  A high level of excellence is required to pass each section of the exam, meaning that even the most experienced person must demonstrate 'mastery' of the topic areas.  Once certified, the individual must continue to upgrade their skills through a mandatory continuing education program.

So the next time you're planning a landscape project, insist that they have Landscape Industry Certified individuals on staff, because they are more than qualified, they are certified..